About Us

Launched in 2015, EntreLaunch was developed with one goal: to support all current and future entrepreneurs build viable businesses. We want to help you find stability in the modern economy. 

Within our main goal are several subgoals.

Youth unemployment.

Youth unemployment is a huge issue with 73 million youth unemployed globally.  Many new graduates are unable to find satisfactory full-time positions when leaving school and thus become unemployed or work several part-time unskilled jobs just to make ends meet. Our programs provide youth with an opportunity to experience entrepreneurial learning and encourages entrepreneurship as a viable career option thus reducing youth unemployment levels and contributing to a stable economy. EntreLaunch is dedicated to helping high school students, college students and new graduates create their own future through entrepreneurship.

Women and those Re-entering Workforce

In addition to supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs, EntreLaunch is also seeking to support women and others re-entering the workforce. Many people who have been out of work due to child-rearing, illness or other reasons find it difficult to return to traditional careers. Outdated skills, new technology, inflexible schedules, expensive childcare and difficult commutes are just a few of the issues many women face when returning to work. EntreLaunch provides those re-entering the workforce with an alternative option – launching your own business.

Career Change

Frustrated with your current job? Downsized? Fired? Retired? Lacking hours? There are many reasons why someone may seek a career change. For many, the idea of changing careers to end up in a job you don’t like is daunting. Perhaps it’s time to think about what you love doing and create your own career as an entrepreneur. EntreLaunch’s Accelerator program takes you through the idea validation process to help you validate your business ideas early on and give you the skills you need to develop your own business.

EntreLaunch is currently offering the following:

  • Global Online Accelerator Program (beta)
  • Launcher Membership Community
  • Blog
  • My Entre Life podcast
  • Monthly/weekly live videocasts and Q & A sessions
  • Live workshops in Ottawa and Toronto (or by request)
  • Impact Cup – 3 day entrepreneurial challenge

You can also find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

Our Core Team

Rebecca Palmer

Chief Catalyst and Founder


Rebecca is a serial entrepreneur, international trainer and community builder with a mission to inspire innovation, transform lives and connect communities.

A lifelong learner, she stays up to date on new trends, needs and strategies with a focus on global entrepreneurship, strategic shifts and social good. Rebecca also loves to include fun in every aspect of life!

Rebecca is involved with Global Entrepreneurship Network and is a past delegate of the G20YEA. She is an active ecosytem builder and avid supporter of young entrepreneurs. As a mom of 4, Rebecca has mastered work-life integration to provide her own children with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Rebecca was selected as a finalist for the 2017 Startup Nations Award for Local Policy Leadership. In addition, she was a founding member of StartUp Canada Barrie community, a delegate to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) in 2014 and a delegate at the Global Entrepreneurial Congress (GEC) in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Rebecca also sits on the Georgian College BENT (Entrepreneurship) Advisory board, The Simcoe Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (SEE) committee and was previously vice-chair of the Barrie Public Library Board.


1.Embrace Failure

2.Be a Change Maker

3.Give Forward

4.Embrace Weirdness Everyday

5.Think the Unthinkable and Know It is Possible

6.Seek Adventure; Be Creative

7.Always Be Learning

8.Build Social Value and Strong Relationships

9.Do More With Less

10.Create Positive Impact through Strategic Shifts

11.Follow Your Passion

12.Support Future Generations

EntreLaunch Inc. adheres to the UN Global Compact 10 Principles http://www.globalcompact.ca/the-ten-principles