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For Immediate Release – March 29, 2019 (OTTAWA, Canada)

Startups are Getting Ready to Rumble! Who will deliver the knockout punch?

In less than a week (April 4th), Get in the Ring Ottawa will take place at Collab Space, Nepean. The Get in the Ring Foundation is an organization that gives startups a fun and global podium to make valuable connections to start, grow and scale up their business. The Foundation is active in 100+ countries and works together with leaders of entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world. Get in the Ring is known for its innovative format where startups literally face off in a boxing ring. A battle between 2 startups consists of 5 30-second rounds about the team, achievements, and business model.   

Introducing Get In The Ring Ottawa

2018 GITR Global after movie

“We have a corporate responsibility to lift others so they can achieve their full potential. It is our duty as successful business leaders to lend a helping hand and support future entrepreneurs through mentorship, guidance and other resources.”

-Eli Fathi, Mindbridge Analytics Inc.

The road to the final

Every year the Get in the Ring Foundation organizes a global startup competition where they look to identify the most promising startups in different weight-classes that are based on valuation.

This year the competition was held in more than 80 countries. Startups entered the competition in one of the 130+ preliminary events where they received pitch training, had 1-on-1 meetings with investors and possible customers and pitched in front of large audiences during the live battles. The Grand Champion of the Get In The Ring Ottawa battles will go on to Berlin, Germany for the final round in the competition and battle for the global title. We are extremely excited that Ottawa will be part of the global competition!

How Get in the Ring Works

Get in the Ring is a global competition for startups. Two startups battle head-to-head in a ring via pitches. A battle between two teams consists of several rounds about the team, the business

model and its finances. Along the way the entrepreneurs were given pitch training, advice about their businesses, and the opportunity to get in contact with investors, business leaders, potential customers and like-minded entrepreneurs. There can only be one winner in each weight class based on valuation (lightweight – 0-$500,000, middleweight – $500,000 – $2.5 million, heavyweight – $2.5+ million).

The Grand Champion of Get In The Ring Ottawa will be flown to Berlin, Germany for the Global Final.

The Finalists

It is a pleasure to announce that our finalists for Get In the Ring consist of a variety of business models ranging from social enterprise to AI. Additional details on our finalists can be found on

“We are honoured to jump in the ring. Chance of a lifetime! Riverwood is ready for the world to hear our old growth timber come back to life. Riverwood Acoustics hear the experience!”

– Christa Lentz, Riverwood Acoustics

The Jury

Get In The Ring Ottawa has brought together an amazing group of leaders in a variety of industries to work with our startups and validate their businesses through the pitch competition. We are especially delighted to announce that Stephen Partridge, co-founder of, will be returning to Ottawa where was launched to participate in the Awards show. More information on our amazing Jury members can be found at

Get In The Ring Ottawa Award Show

Tickets are now on sale to attend Get In The Ring Ottawa finals on April 4, 2019 at Collab Space, Nepean. Participants are encouraged to cheer for their favorite startup. Tickets can be purchased at

This event will be live-streamed via Facebook and other media platforms.


Get in the Ring Ottawa has partnered with a wide range of amazing sponsors and co-organizers to put Ottawa on the global entrepreneurial stage. It is a coming together of the community without silos. Our team, partners and sponsors consist of people involved with various parts of the local ecosystem including Startup Ottawa, L-Spark, H.U.B. Inc., eSAX, Collab Space, Invest Ottawa, The Ottawa Network, The Rideau Community HUB and more. Our food partners include an array of local food and beverage providers.

Our amazing sponsors include: NewFound Recruiting, Welch LLP, THINK Virtual CFO, The Eagle Institute, Sandler Training, Vectors Group. For a full list of sponsors, please refer to the press kit attached.

“This partnership allows Get In the Ring an ability to promote the great entrepreneurship in Ottawa and we are happy to play a part in helping grow the entrepreneurial space in the National Capital Region.”

-Steve Stanley, Managing Partner of NewFound Recruiting.

“Get In The Ring Ottawa is a true collaboration of private individuals and local entrepreneurs working together. Our team of volunteers has worked tireless over the last few months to remove silos, encourage collaboration and plan an engaging event that will excite the community and inspire innovation on a global level.”

– Rebecca Palmer, EntreLaunch Inc.

“What I appreciate about Get In The Ring is that it provides a pathway for Founders & their startups to be Born Global”

-Jason Daley, AXIA Strategists

About Get In The Ring Ottawa

Get in the Ring was started in 2012 by 5 Dutch entrepreneurs to shake up pitch competitions. Since then it has grown into an international phenomenon with annual global competition hosted this in a year in Berlin, Germany on June 17th to 19th 2019. Get In The Ring brings together 150 selected startups from around the world with a group of innovation professionals and investors. The goal is simple: to unlock business opportunities together. Oh and of course to enjoy life and have a lot of fun.

Since the start of Get in the Ring we have been developing a global network of support organizations, corporations and governments that want to make an impact. Together with them we organize activities and support programs around the world. We identify promising solutions developed by startups and connect them to opportunities and resources that enable them to show the impact that they can make.

History in Canada

In 2014, Canada received its first taste of Get In The Ring through regional finals organized by Futurpreneur (formerly CYBF). The regional champion went on to battle in the North American finals before going on to the Global event in 2016 in Medellin, Colombia. After winning a place in the Regional North American Final in Mexico in 2015, Ottawa-based startup HYRE (Eropa Stein) represented Canada at the Global Get In The Ring event in Medellin, Colombia, March 2016.

“Participating in GITR helped me establish the validity of my newfound idea and motivated me to fully pursue Hyre.”

– Eropa Stein, Hyre

Since 2016, just 2 events in Canada have both occurred in Quebec (2017 and 2018) produced by: RJCCQ – Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec. The winner of Get in the Ring – La Coupe provinciale (Quebec) des Start-up 2018 was Maple 3. Find out more about Maple 3 at

The winner of the April 4, 2019 Get In The Ring Ottawa event will be joining Maple 3 in Berlin, Germany.

“It’s time to shine a global spotlight on the amazing entrepreneurs here in Canada. Get In The Ring is the opportunity to be part of a global network of entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and leaders.”

-Rebecca Palmer, EntreLaunch Inc.

Get In The Ring Ottawa supports mental health.

In addition, Rebecca Palmer, founder of EntreLaunch and presenting partner for Get In The Ring Ottawa, will be announcing a new initiative – the EntreHealth Fund – a fund designed to help entrepreneurs struggling with mental health to access therapy in times of need. Too often our entrepreneurs suffer silently and when your company is falling apart, the cost of therapy may be out of reach. More details will be available at the Get In The Ring Ottawa event on April 4th.

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Additional information for media

Special tickets are available for representatives of the media. For inquiries related to interviewing startups, jury members, sponsors or organizers and/or being involved in the full 2-day program please contact Rebecca Palmer.


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