Impact Cup

IMPACT Cup: Calling all students, teachers and mission-driven individuals!

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IMPACT Cup is a multi-day event designed to help attendees develop ideas to solve local, regional or global issues.

With an emphasis on end user benefit and uptake, this program will ensure attendees learn not only how to develop a business plan but also learn how to validate the idea for its target market.

Learning sessions preceding each work day will provide an overview on various tools and ideas (including how to identify end user needs) to benefit attendees as they design the ultimate pitch. Attendees will be engaged in an active learning process throughout the event.

While not solely social impact focused, IMPACT Cup does encourage  teams to identify what impact their project will have in the world.

Your MISSION, if you choose to accept it, will be to create an impact at a local, regional or global level.

As your team builds your start-up, you learn the basics of launching a project and understand why your product or service matters. You will also have the support of coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs, co-founders, financial specialists and more to help you take your mission to the next level.

Get ready to change the world!

impact cup


  • Learn to identify a pain point, issue or problem.
  • What is your proposed solution?
  • How will it benefit the target beneficiary/client/consumer.
  • Who do you need on your team?
  • Why is this idea important to you?


  • Build your team.
  • Learn how to work together as a team and with others to complete your project.
  • Identify potential collaborators for your business.
  • Work with mentors, coaches and possibly other teams to solve issues and share resources.


  • Learn how to develop a business plan using Lean Model Canvas and other tools.
  • Develop a timeline, identify opportunities and create your model.
  • Get creative and design your pitch to win the judges.
  • Build community and relationships now and for the future.


  • Pitch your idea to our panel of judges, mentors, coaches and attendees.
  • Learn what areas need further improvement.
  • Develop a plan to move forward.
  • Find people who can help you launch.


Want to host IMPACT Cup in your school or community?



  • Identify opportunities in the marketplace
  • Identify social impact/end-user benefits
  • Develop team building skills
  • Build technical skills
  • Enhance relationship building/networking skills
  • Learn to develop a Business Model Canvas and validate a business idea
  • Utilize persuasive writing skills
  • Strengthen research skills
  • Learn how to develop key pitch components
  • Meet community partners, funders, investors and other members of the start-up community
  • Inspire attendees


Day 1

The day will begin with a Mission breakdown designed to get you all fired up.  Get ready to meet your potential launch team.

Come prepared with ideas as you will be given an opportunity to pitch your idea.

If you are looking to support an idea or simply not ready to pitch, it’s your turn next as attendees rank the top ideas. The top ideas will move forward.

The formation of teams is next. Expect a few team-building exercises to get to know your fellow launchers! Bring your A game and let your potential team captain know what your specialty is.

Mission folders (aka Tools) will be handed out and you will be briefed on how to use the tools before the end of the day. Get some rest as the next 48 hours will be intense!

Day 2

Rise and shine teams! Day 2 starts bright and early at 8am.

The Day begins with an overview of your tools package and a Q&A for attendees.

Throughout the day coaches and mentors will be available to answer questions and guide you through the process.


It is up to your team to make this mission work! Teamwork is essential and we will be watching for leaders who standout. Make sure to have a little fun as well to get those creative juices flowing.

This Day ends with a review of pitch tips and tools to help your team create the most effective pitch possible.  Do not forget to validate your data as the judges will be quick to question you if things don’t add up.

Day 3 (half day – optional)

It’s the final day before Mission Launch and in just a few hours, the first team will be pitching to the judges.

There will be some additional time for coaches and mentors to answer questions but by now your flight plan is almost complete except for the final crosschecks.

It’s the final countdown and pitches begin! Tell us your story, why it will work and how you will make the mission happen.

The evening concludes with awards ceremony and final speaker. Congratulations teams – you have created a potentially world changing idea!

Good luck!

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Upcoming Dates:

October 23-24 Georgian College, Barrie Click here to register.

November 2017 Downtown Toronto. Click here to register.